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The Stunning New Zealand Fiord

Beauty, grace, and its ability to take your breath away are just some of the reasons why you need to visit Fiordland National Park. Located in New Zealand, this wildlife haven is a scenic paradise that is nothing short of enchanting. It is a wildlife reserve surrounded by fourteen fiords that have been in existence since the ice age. This beautiful site is millions of years in the making and one of the most photographed places in the world due to the stunning reflection of the mountains. Snow-covered peaks, dramatic waterfalls, and deep valleys are just some of the things you will meet at this site.

All year-round, it is a place that tourists can admire the sites, and participate in different activities. The summer presents the majestic fiords in their sunny glory. Light showers create beautiful rainbows that blend in perfectly with the glorious sites. June to October is the perfect time to view the snow-covered valley. If you happen to stop by during spring, you get to witness a magical transformation from the glistening of winter white to the blooming flowers and crisp air of spring. Hiking in the spring introduces you to green hills blooming with life, creating a photogenic moment.

Charming Accommodation

At this park, you are truly spoilt for choice in terms of accommodation. Located in Milford Sound is a charming dream house. From here, you can see the beautiful fiords through the balconies. It is also close to many restaurants and bars. The Reel’m Inn is another place you can stay in. It is conveniently located in a spot where you can easily book cabs or walk to places.

In Manapouri, you can stay at the Freestone cabin and wake up to spectacular views every day. It is located near river trails through which you can ride a bike and enjoy the scenic landscape. Finally, consider Hillside Haven to get a majestic view of the Takatimu Ranges. The visible Mararoa River surrounds it; the gentle waters will lull you to sleep.

Scuba Dive In Milford Sound

Of all the adventurous things you could do at this park, scuba diving is the best. Milford Sound is home to many species of fish, which you may see during your dive. The site presents clear waters that are just the right temperature to get your blood pumping. Swimming in these cold waters alongside a wash of marine life is an unforgettable and unmatched moment.

Milford Road Trip

A trip to Fiordland National Park is just not complete without a quiet road trip across the park. The wonderful Te Anau and the Milford Sound are a must-see on this road trip. Opt for the scenic routes and drive slowly admiring each site. There are multiple viewpoints on this trip, so be sure to bring a good camera. A quiet drive on the smooth roads of this park is just what you will need after scuba diving, and is the perfect way to conclude your trip.

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